Roland de Jong Orlando


Roland de Jong-Orlando - sculpture
Inquadrato Nautilus.


In his images, both his small works and his monumental work Roland's points of departure are archetypes like the circle, the triangle, the square and their spatial equivalents. Hence his work could be classified under the heading "Abstract Geometric Art" or "Concrete Art". When designing the sculptures the visual principle is already evident in the material: usually he uses a round or square profile, be it wood, steel, bronze or other material. This material is then cut into segments of some basic elements from which he can start by combining, organizing and manipulating.


By only using a small number of those simple basic elements (in most of his works he only uses two) this visual principle would seem to be restrictive but by  playing with these basic elements he gains a maximum of freedom: the final result is often not preconceived, but the gradual "discovery" of rhythm, harmony and symmetry is his key consideration. This exploration ensures an infinite number of possibilities which these basic elements offer him: solutions which are too systematic are avoided, deviations are incorporated and matching shapes accepted.


Eventually the reorganized and merged elements result in a new whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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